Join me online and feel better in body and mind.

HANDS OM is body mind wisdom.

HANDS OM promotes wellbeing inside out .

Live happier and lighter with HANDS OM. 

This is a special time. It catapults me into the online world and I grab the opportunity to reconnect with my former yoga crowd and friends from all over the world, so we can remind ourselves, that we are not alone. Always connected, always free and well in our essence… Let’s do this together. I hope to see you soon on the mat!

For friends in different time zones: I will start recording classes soon so you can participate during a time of your choice. – Find the schedule below and feel free to share with new and old expat friends.

Participation via Zoom is very easy. Pay attention that there are 2 different links to my ZOOM classes, one for the free morning gymnastic classes for younger and older people, one for the yoga classes & fitness. Let me know if you need help finding me 🙂 

Take care, stay healthy and keep smiling! Warm hugs, Isa


Tuesday, Friday: Morgengymnastik, 7.30am-7.45am

Wednesday 7am-8am: Fitness (German/English)

Thursday 9am-10am: Vinyasa Flow (English)

Price: 5. CHF / Klasse / Haushalt

Send an Email for the final schedule during Easter.


Time: 7.30am-7.-45am Movement is medicine! Start your day with a smile and join the legendary 15min. Club La Santa morning gymnastic program 2 times/week. 

When: Tuesday, Friday 7.30am-7-45am

Zoom link: Password: 056108

Free: A present from us to you.

(No registration needed, same link valid for all classes. Tell 65+ people!)


Join me and friends from all over Europe on the mat to create a supportive community during this special time. 

No contract, no commitment, start and stop any time. Classes will run as long as we are in this lockdown situation, and as long as I stay healthy!

Price: 5 Euro/household/class
Payment: Twint (for Switzerland) or Online Banking

People in critical financial situation participate for FREE!

Registration: Register once via the button below. I will then send you the link to the online Zoom-Studio. Your registration ist valid for all future classes. Please join my newsletter for updated weekly schedule during Corona crisis.  

NEU: HANDS OM Coaching

Let’s hang out and find fresh thoughts.

Is your head full with stressful thoughts and sorrows? Would you like to break out of your own worries and insecurity? Are you ready to hear something different and healing?

The understanding of the 3 principles of Sydney Banks has sent me on an amazing journey and has brought a completely new approach towards life. I experience the benefits of it every day and every time I am facing a small or big crisis, personal or professional. It brings more lightness and clarity into my experience and role as a parent, partner and coach. 

I am offering coaching sessions via ZOOM in English and German. 






Introduction price until June 2020: 60.- CHF für 60 Min. I Regular price 120.- CHF / If finances are critical you pay what you can.


Booking: [email protected]



Isa Aepli is sharing her passion for physical and mental health since 2010 in a international environment. She is a certified Yoga teacher, manual therapist and soon a trained 3 principles coach. She is mostly teaching online via Zoom. Reach and let me know how I can help you to feel better in body and mind. 

Isa Aepli is a certified Roll Model Method (RMM) practitioner. She integrates RMM techniques into her yoga classes as a popular tool for selfcare. For Isa the RMM is just another way to ‘move’ your body. While active movement ist great when you are painfree, the RMM is an amazing way to dig deeper into fascia and trigger points to release tension and bring balance back into your system. The RMM balls have a great texture and density that is very similar to muscle and tissue. 

Willkommen I Welcome

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