If as (mental/physical) health coaches we look at the wrong material, our clients will keep staring at a pile of wool and never start weaving… This is how to do change it. 

Human life experience is like a carpet, woven by creative forces: The ‘visible force’ represents everything we can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ and ‘think’. In the carpet it’s the visible thread that creates patterns and colours. For us humans it’s personal thinking and emotions. 

The invisible force is representing everything we cannot ‘think’ or ‘see’ or ‘describe’. In the carpet it’s the thread underneath. We cannot see it but it is holding the carpet together and making the weaving process possible. For us humans it’s the force before the thinking. It’s the magic of life, the dynamic of creation and universal energy. We can feel life force but we will never ‘get it’. That’s why it’s called divine or magic or mysterious or god etc. 

Status quo: 100% interaction with the visible force 

We are used to interact with our visible world like nerds. Especially when we crave for changes in our lifes. This is when we start to think hard and try hard and beat ourselves up. About our feelings, our bad habits, our past, our future. There is not much benefit from ‘thinking hard’. What we create is stress, procrastination, fear, doubt and feelings of guilt and regret. Focusing on our visible world is like staring at a pile of wool in a big basket instead of weaving. It’s leading us into our own labyrinth of thought. We experience suffering, limitation and frustration. And we miss out on something so much better: Natural, juicy and fresh life force that wants to work for us! That wants us to pick colours, create patterns and express and ourselves!

The new way: Letting the invisible force do it’s job

Life itself is like a creative firework. This creative nature is represented in every cell in our body. In every tree and in every living creature. Life is abundance, permanent change, creativity and magic. We will never truly get, why a bird ‘knows’ when and how to fly south or why a cell is able to communicate with millions of other cells.

– Life will work for us and help us to heal, create change, loose weight, stop drinking and anything we wish for, if we stop using the visible world, including ‘trying harder’, ‘think harder’ etc. IT DOESN’T WORK! The more we see ourselves as connected with the invisible part of life and it’s qualities, the less we will worry. The less we worry the more we will feel connected with the magic part of life and the more we will recognise the beauty and perfection of our body and mind. This is when true change will happen. Effortless and with ease.

What are the consequences for health coaches?

  • Replace your clients ‘try harder’ with ‘all is well’.
  • Show in the direction of the ‘invisible life force’.
  • Let them find their own wisdom.
  • Explain why every experience is ‘nature in action’ and therefore nothing dangerous.
  • Be kind and loving so they become receptive for the magic of life.
  • Do the same for yourself 😉

Love, Isa